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There always seems to be one member of the family that knows how to run the latest gadgets in the home, but, for everyone else in the house, just turning on the TV set is a lesson in frustration! Wired 1 Consulting has the solution! Harmony universal  remote control systems. We program these remote control hand units so that all you have to do is touch the LCD screen and what you want just happens. Touch “Watch TV” and your TV turns on, your surround sound receiver turns on, your cable box turns on, everything goes to the right input and you are ready to go – no more grabbing 2, 3 or 4 remote hand units and then trying to figure out why you have a picture but no sound, or sound with no picture, or why that TV just won’t turn on! Just take your Harmony out of its elegant charging stand and touch the screen – it’s that easy! If all your electronics are visible (you can see them from your couch) then the Harmony Ultimate ONE will work just fine for you. If your equipment is inside a closed cabinet, or, maybe even in another room of your home, then what you need is the Harmony Ultimate Home. With this system you could even be in the backyard and still run your system! Get some Harmony in your household today from Wired 1 Consulting. Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did! (506) 470-7510 or visit our website @ and leave us a note.

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