So, look who’s going wireless!

There is something to be said about wireless audio these days and it’s because the technology of wireless has improved to the point where it is almost impossible to tell whether the music is being played via a wire or a wireless connection. Of course, you will always be restricted by the range and quality of your wireless network, but as long as your home/business Wi-Fi network is solid (and at Wired 1 Consulting we know how to make that happen) wireless audio has a lot going for it. One of the most successful Wi-Fi audio systems has been SONOS. It’s a very well built platform and was groundbreaking tech in 2002, when the company was founded (are you still using a 15 year old SMART phone… I don’t think so) (Wired 1 Consulting still does support the SONOS system) BUT, wireless technology and the adoption of Wi-Fi by leading audio companies in the industry have gone well beyond the capabilities of the SONOS platform, both in sound quality and interoperability. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Sound QUALITY. With SONOS you have to use SONOS products in order to have everything work together. With the development of systems like DTS Play-Fi and Play To technology you are now free to use speakers and amplifiers from trusted audio companies that know what GREAT SOUND sounds like! And they are delivering the goods!

We still love wiring houses, our name is, after all, Wired 1 Consulting, but it is now possible to create a truly flexible and fantastic sounding wireless system for your family that’s fun and easy to use and gorgeous to look at, or not look at, as the case may be, we are also Atlantic Canada’s leader in concealed architectural and landscape speakers!

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