Get that Vinyl digitized!

If you are, like me, “really old”, you probably have about 500+ pieces of black, very heavy and space collecting vinyl records in your home (don’t feel bad, I have more than 2000!). No, I’m not saying to get rid of them. You could pack them up and store them in a dry corner of the basement, but, there is always that particular album that hold a special place in your soul… the soundtrack of your first date, your first car etc., that you want to dig out and give a spin for a trip down memory lane. Wouldn’t it be nice to just whip out your tablet or phone and play them any time you like. With today’s technology it’s as easy as simply playing them on your record player one last time and turning them into high quality digital files that you can easily take with you anywhere. If your turntable and cartridge (needle) are in good repair you can get yourself a NAD PP4 phono preamp. This little box plugs into your turntable, accepts both moving coil and moving magnet cartridge systems and gives you an output that can plug into any amplifier of receiver that has an input and, most importantly, gives you a USB output that can connect to your computer (Mac or PC). All you do is play your record and the computer software does the rest. Voila, your favourite music is now totally portable.

NAD phono preamp available in NB exclusively from Wired 1 Consulting!

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