Speaker Installation Day #1 and Finished Day #2

WP_20131007_003 WP_20131007_007 WP_20131007_006 WP_20131007_005 WP_20131007_004WP_20131009_006 WP_20131009_003Day one of the trim out. All the speakers are installed. The theatre has a 7.1 surround system with SpeakerCraft AIM series 6.5″ round speakers in the ceiling and SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema speakers for the center, left and right. A 12″ SpeakerCraft subwoofer provides the bass foundation for the system. Another set of AIM ceiling speakers are installed in a second zone. The 125 pound 80″ Sharp Aquos TV gets mounted in 2 days – if I can find 5-6 guys to help me lift it! 🙂

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