The Ongoing Evolution of Television

If you have been keeping an eye on what’s going on in the electronics industry you have probably noticed a lot of talk about 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD).

4K is the next generation of television/video and cinema production. The 4K standard produces approximately 4 times the resolution of HD (High Definition) televisions that are the predominant television on the market today. Unlike 3D television that had it’s detractors when it was introduced 4K has the industry buzzing with it’s stunning picture clarity and enhanced (particularly sound) features.

As with any new development, the 4K sets are currently very expensive sets to purchase and they are currently available in screen sizes larger than 50″. The peripheral equipment required is also on the pricey side but manufacturers are getting ready for the transition. Netflix has already announced that they will start streaming via the internet select programming in 4K!

4K also means a change in the standards of delivery technology from the source to the television (display). The current standard for high definition delivery is via HDMI cable. The current standard is version 1.4a, but less than a month ago a new version was finalized as HDMI 2.0. The information will still travel on an HDMI 1.4a certified cable but the transmission and receiving protocols will change in the electronic components. We will probably see Full HDMI 2,0 compliant electronics as early as this fall season.

For a more in-depth discussion of this new technology and what it means to the 4K introduction I encourage you to visit Leo LaPorte’s excellent streaming broadcast service at the link to the specific broadcast is:

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