The Future is light!

Building a new home? Chances are that you are not future-proofing your home unless Wired 1 Consulting is handling your structured wiring! In days gone by, houses were wired for TV and internet with copper wiring (RG6 coax and Cat 5/6). With today’s expanding speeds and content that isn’t good enough! But, I’m going to use Wi-Fi you say! Although Wi-Fi has it’s uses, it is not fast enough to handle the ever increasing bandwidth of today’s and tomorrow’s digital streaming media, especially video. 4K television is practically the norm currently, and some manufacturers have just released 8K sets. In Japan (where digital satellite is the preferred delivery system) they are playing around with 16K media and delivery systems! Fiber optic cabling has the ability to carry these extremely high bandwidth signals throughout your home, giving you a future proof solution. Innovations in technology have brought wiring your home with fiber optic cabling an extremely cost effective solution. Contact us today for more information. You’ll be glad you did! (506)470-7510

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