Why you call in the experts!

This client decided that a renovation of the basement theater was in order and they wanted the TV on a different wall. The problem: The speakers were installed and wired in the basement when the house was built and all the wiring was done before the drywall was applied, and the speakers are in the ceiling! SOLUTION: Call in the experts at Wired 1 Consulting. We rewired the the 7 speakers and cut the required holes in the ceiling and left 2 additional wires in the ceiling should the client want to experience Dolby Atmos theater sound, the wires are ready, we just have to cut the holes for the speakers. Ceilings have all sorts of obstacles, hidden joists, lathe work, wires, pipes, and electrical wiring that you don’t want to accidentally cut! Before your next big project give us a call! (506)470-7510

More pics to come on this one!

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