The inevitability of change, or operating system headaches

New operating systems for computers are inevitable, it seems every couple of years a new “flavor” comes out from the companies that make the operating systems for our computers. For decades it has been Apple and Microsoft touting their operating system’s superiority and now relative newcomer, if you can call 18 years new, Google has of course it’s own computer operating system, in fact, they have 2! Android and Google Chrome OS. Every revision of an operating system bring new challenges to the countless companies that write programming software for these operating systems and pushes the operating system manufacturer to the limit to make sure that the system will work on the almost endless devices that are on the market…it’s a monumental task. In my business computers and software now go hand in hand with the latest in audio and video technologies and they have to work together to provide an exciting but easy experience for my clientele.

Microsoft has over the past couple of years found a way to speed up the development of their new operating systems by letting the public “test drive” the proposed, new operating system and report back to them with comments, both good and bad about the operation of the system. The call it the Developer Preview program and when you sign up you become a “Windows Insider”. This program is only for computer users that are very comfortable with the operation of a computer and how to get out of a jam, as over the course of the program you are likely to get into a few and should only be installed on a non critical computer that meets the  required hardware specifications. What it does provide to Microsoft is a database of millions of Insiders test flying the system, providing feedback on problems, design changes etc. that Microsoft’s programmers can implement in the new operating system. A brilliant concept and one that hopefully will provide the end user of the new final release software with a much smoother experience.

So, if you have a spare computer that meets the requirements for Microsoft’s Windows 10 (that is due out in the fall of 2015) and you enjoy a tech challenge give it a try. You will learn an awful lot and it also helps to have an additional internet connected computer at the ready for answers to questions. So far, Windows 10 is looking great. You can join the Insider Program here

Have fun!

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