Yes, when you buy good equipment it tends to last!

I was recently contacted by a long time client about the transition to 4K television and the new surround sound technologies. He owns a great set of Mirage speakers (front towers with built in powered subwoofers, center channel speaker and bi-polar surround speakers) that were well over 10 years old, but in great shape, but the TV and the older electronics had been giving them issues. I recommended that they keep the speakers, but the heart of the system needed an overhaul! A new 65″ UHD display got hooked up to a new UHD Blu-ray player and the old speakers (they still are awesome!) were hooked up to an Anthem AVM60 digital preamp/processor and a new Anthem 5 channel power amplifier. The results were incredible! Rock solid imaging and music and picture detail that have to seen and heard to be believed. When you are ready to make your move contact Wired 1 Consulting!

When sound and pictures come together!

Anthem Digital preamp/surround processor connected to Anthem PVA5 5 channel amplifier

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