I have an older projector in my home theater!

Home theater is not a new phenomenon. I have been designing and installing them for more than 20 years. If you have an older projector in your theater, chances are that it doesn’t have HDMI connection ports and the cable that sends the signal to the projector is either a three wire component video cable or an S-video cable.

If your theater’s ceiling is suspended then it is fairly easy to install an appropriate length HDMI cable and upgrade the projector to one that has HDMI ports. If your ceiling is dry walled it may not be possible to change the cabling without a fairly invasive renovation, however, Wired 1 Consulting has a solution for you from Epson. 2 new models of home cinema projectors with wireless HDMI. A simple transmitter is installed at your source device(s) and the Epson projector does the rest! Epson Wireless Projector

The full line of Epson projectors, including the wireless models and the exciting new laser projectors are available from Wired 1 Consulting (506)470-7510

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