The importance of speaker containment housings

OK, you are going to put speakers in the ceilings of your new home. Great idea, but only if it’s done properly. Have you ever looked at the ceiling in an unfinished home, before the sheet rock is applied? If so, you can get an understanding of why you want to use containment housings for your speakers. The ceilings are open from room to room in your new house. The only separation of the child’s nursery from the living room theatre system are the walls surrounding the room by sheet rock, the ceilings are wide open! Sound radiates from your in ceiling speaker from both the front AND the rear. That rear sound travels from room to room via the open floor joists! Not only will containment boxes reduce this room to room transmission they will also give the speaker the ideal cabinet volume so they sound better in the room where you want to listen! Think regular home stereo speakers; they come in boxes to allow the actual speakers to perform accurately. Another benefit of using containment housings is that in the final installation of the speakers the installer does not have to “guess” where the hole should be for the speaker and cut out the hole with a sheet rock knife. The wires are connected and the speaker is screwed into place. Fast, and no gyprock dust to have to try to clean up!

WORST CASE SCENARIO: In ceiling speakers are usually made of plastic (polypropylene is the usual material). If tragedy strikes and you happen to have a fire in the room the easiest way for that fire to spread is through those easily melted speakers! Containment housings are constructed to exceed fire code so the speaker does not become the reason for the fire to spread throughout your home.

These containment housings are constructed of metal and have to be installed before the drywall is installed. Give us a shout and plan ahead!

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