What makes a great architectural speaker?

There are dozens of companies “playing” in the in-wall and in-ceiling speaker market but to get the best performance the industry leader is SpeakerCraft (www.speakerCraft.com).
SpeakerCraft has the largest selection of architectural speakers available. Innovative design and a lifetime warranty makes sure you have great sound where ever you want it.

Most in-ceiling speakers have problems moving sound into the room without firing directly at the floor. To help the dispersion of the speaker these speakers have a “domed” appearance (they look like “bumps” on your ceiling) – YUCK!

SpeakerCraft speakers utilize patented “AIM” technology that allow you to aim not only the tweeter (high frequency speaker) but the bass speaker as well, without having unsightly “bumps” on your ceiling. They also use “wave guide” on their up line speakers for even better dispersion and elimination of phase distortions. SpeakerCraft speakers have crossovers! Most in-ceiling speakers use an inexpensive capacitor to allow electrical separation between the tweeter and the bass speaker. SpeakerCraft uses true crossovers with coils and inductors to make the speaker sound better and give your amplifier a stable impedance to drive. This kind of crossover is usually found in expensive cabinet type loudspeakers. Selected models of speakers even have tonal adjustment switches to increase/decrease the amount of treble and bass that the speaker delivers!

SpeakerCraft speakers are also relatively lightweight. The last thing you want is a speaker that is so heavy it starts to pull away from the ceiling over time, it’s hard to argue with gravity! SpeakerCraft speakers use a light weight aluminium basket and exotic metal magnets for their speakers that provide lighter weight without compromising performance.

And best of all SpeakerCraft speakers are warranted for a lifetime, no questions asked! If it fails to work SpeakerCraft will replace it – period!

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